Republicans have become ideologically extreme, scornful of compromise, unmoved by facts, evidence and science. They claim to be super-patriots, but they are willing to delegitimize our elections, trample democracy and destroy the liberties guaranteed by the constitution. They demand free enterprise but protect the very monopolies who are forcing them to dig their own graves. Republicans no longer debate the merits or the facts, instead they argue procedure and language, which is the refuse of a frail intellect and an uneasy conscious. The truth is, there is a paranoid subculture of conspiracists, who subscribe to radicalized beliefs. They are unreachable, they hate their own government and will go to infinite lengths to spread fear and panic. Now is the time that favors confronting this type of radical intolerance, as both a necessary truth and a positive form of change. Many of these republicans are outraged when those who embrace wild conspiracies, are referred to as gullible halfwits. They’re insulted when the seditionists, who stormed the U.S. capital, bludgeoned a police officer to death, sought to assassinate Nancy Pelosi and hang Mike Pence are referred to as malcontents. Their feigned outrage is echoed when republicans who peddle the evils of socialism, climate denialism and mask shaming are referred to as a coalition of dunces.

Interestingly enough, they are not at all offended by swastikas and confederate flags carried into the capital. None expressed outrage over a president who mocked the disabled and called men and women in uniformed losers and suckers. They were silent when he was impeached for abuse of power and obstructing justice. They remained tongue-tied when Trump downplayed a raging pandemic as “just the flu” resulting in over four-hundred-thousand lives lost. They even managed to politely absolve him of accountability, after inciting an insurrection to delegitimize an election and overthrow the U.S. government.  In the face of all these glaring hypocrisies and contradictions, republicans are now appealing for a more affable political discourse and want us to believe their objections are sincere. The truth is, they’re upset because they finally realize what the rest of the world already knew. Their understanding of government is limited and their grasp on reality is tenuous.



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  1. jmangan

    Thank you!!!

    “Now is the time to confront radical intolerance…

    I see that this administration is not ignoring racial and radical intolerance.
    This form of zero tolerance has been missing for way too long,.

    As much as I would like to have Republicans and Democrats work to achieve compromise, it cannot be at the cost of continuance of bigotry, hatred, racism!

    Your last issue paper spoke of The Republicans calling for unity which truly is a codeword for insurrection amnesty…
    Now is the time to hold criminals responsible whether they be active or Accomplices, our judicial system has held both accountable…

    Let us remember “
    “your silence will not protect you”

    • Jstevenmedia

      Well said Jim. I think we all understand the difficult position most republican legislators have found themselves; Having to choose between their own conscious and the radical voters who support Trump. Unfortunately, too many have chosen to remain on the wrong side of history and protect their own self interests above the welfare of the nation. The real question is at what cost?
      Today they held the first day of the impeachment hearings and the republicans response was to argue procedure not facts. The defense was that it was unconstitutional….. not that Trump was innocent. and that says everything.