What We Already Know……



We already know that we are plundering the earth, demeaning human life, destroying our climate and squandering our future. We already know that our public schools, our infrastructure and our healthcare systems are broken. We know that too many citizens are filled with fear and anger as a result of living in a system that isn’t designed to nurture the human spirit and doesn’t factor mankind into the equation.

We know that we are treating the most desperate and vulnerable among us with disregard. That we are engaged in perpetual war. That foreign adversaries are influencing our elections. That Wall Street engages in an endless pursuit of wealth at the economic expense and future of the middle class. We know that right-wing news media are intentionally peddling misinformation and propaganda. That too many Americans vote for conservative arsonists, who are intent on dismantling our democracy and burning down the house. We also know, that as a result we have put a vulgarian in the White House. A malignant narcissist, who trades in a spectacle of petty grievances, insecurities, criminality and a stunning absence of integrity and empathy. That his divisiveness and racism has given rise to white nationalism. We know that school children are being slaughtered in mass shootings. The US government has erected child concentration camps on our southern border. We know our economy is rigged, our courts are stacked, our elections are compromised, and our society is at risk of collapse. We have all the information we need…………. what we lack is the will to change, what we already know.

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