What the Right believes and the Left wants



Republicans claim the left wants to bring socialism to the country. What the left actually wants is to bring fair wages, equal taxation and guaranteed healthcare to Americans.

Trumpists claim the left wants to defund the police. What the left wants is to reallocate some of the enormous police funding to social workers, mental health professionals, and substance abuse counselors to allow the police to focus on crime.

Republicans believe the left kills babies. What the left does is trust women to make ethical decisions about their own reproductive healthcare.

Trumpists claim the left hates America. What the left hates is the growing ignorance and intolerance of the far right and simply wants America to live up to its principles of liberty and justice for all.

Republicans claim the left is trying to rewrite history. What the left is doing is including voices from history that white historians have ignored.

Trumpists claim unions are Socialism and are bad for Americans. The left believes unions are the countervailing power to unprecedented CEO compensation, corporate greed, stagnated wages, frozen pensions, outsourced jobs and unfettered capitalism.

Trumpists say America first. The left believes the world is bigger than America.

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  1. Jim Mangan

    Wow ! Spot on… This misinformation campaign by trumpers is designed to keep us in fear and separation while they steadily rob us of our liberty and way of life…
    Thank you for stating this so clearly!

    • Jstevenmedia

      Thanks for commenting, I agree the Republican game plan is distraction through fear and division. All the while they continue to pilfer our rights, steal our collective wealth and spill our blood. Lets continue to put our faith in the belief that the party who expands liberty, is the party that wins.