Turning Point


When the history of the Republican party is written it will reflect on a people educated enough to believe what they were taught, but not informed enough to question what they learned. A people duped into electing a succession of charlatans, opportunist and grifters each one  worse than the last. For decades the republican strategy has convinced the people to vote against their own interest by using race, gender and religion to distract them. They starved federal agencies to the point they became weak and ineffective, then blamed them for being weak and ineffective. The media was transformed from watchdogs into lapdogs and ultimately, labor unions and the courts were kept completely out of the affairs of business. In the process, the republican party has become a national Frankenstein of paranoia, racism and contradiction. A political ideology convinced that voter suppression, sedition, mask shaming and corporate tax evasion are forms of patriotism and not selflessness. This is the consequence of forty-years of failed policies, science denialism and religious fanaticism. The modern republican party is a mockery who are more than willing to mount an insurrection and set a fuse to civil war to satisfy apocalyptic fantasies. The battle, is not between Democrats and Republicans. It is between those who care and those who dont. America is at a turning point; protect our elections from suppression, and hold this authoritarian regime responsible for their lies, sedition and crimes. Or do nothing and ignore the fact the Republican party attempted to overturn a legitimate election and dismantle their own democracy in order to protect a vulgar, dime store Mussolini in a red hat. The Republican party can no longer be trusted. They barely gave up power in 2020 and should we give them another opportunity, they will never relinquish it again.


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