The Tragedy of Conservatives



The Grand Old Party is a drama complete with all the intrigue, calculation, greed and self-deception of a Shakespearian tragedy. The fateful tale of a political party who has deceived their constituency with overly-simplistic worldviews, manufactured fears and conspiracy theories. A coalition completely blind to the alienation of their constituents and the reckless consequences of sacrificing sound banking practices, equitable taxation, labor unions and health care for the promises of trickle-down economics, perpetual war, religion and guns.

The reality is that Republicans long-ago abandoned traditional values and pragmatic moderates like Eisenhower and Reagan. The spectacle of Donald Trump was simply the logical conclusion to a successive assortment of extremists, dunces, religious zealots and tyrants, each increasingly worse than the last. Unfortunately, the result was a gullible electorate desperate for easy answers to an increasingly complex world who were duped into gambling their future on the most deplorable and unqualified candidate in political history.  A slapstick ideologue with Lois the XIV chairs who appealed to the latent racism, sexism and collective prejudices of a frenzied electorate who are only now just beginning to realize they’ve been unwitting accomplices to their own execution. The biggest tragedy however wasn’t the regressive, divisive, sideshow of a tawdry man who escalated hatred to horrifying places beyond the analytical. The real misfortune is that Trump and the Republican party managed to push millions, who were on the verge of meaningful change, right back into the hands of the status quo. The only remaining question is just what sort of deplorable scene they will inflict upon the country in the final act of this tragedy.

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