The Tragedy of Compassionate Conservatism



There is an energetic connection between all life and when we don’t see the continuity our perception of the world is one of random chaos, fear and paranoia. This amalgamation of self-deception substitutes compassion for competitiveness. It erodes the ability to acknowledge our own plight flowing through the experience of another. The result is an antagonism toward the equal, envy toward those above and contempt for those with less. When we don’t like what we perceive in others, the answer is not to tinker with the circumstances in hopes of changing them to fit neatly into our picture of life. For they are not the external and emotional connotations we have imposed upon them; they are unique expressions of our shared experience. The problem is that fear contaminates the physical expression and by attempting to protect ourselves from the fear, we are creating what is already underlying so much of the suffering in the world. These are such core influences that we don’t even realize how often or just how much energy we actually expend on this adulterated worldview.

However, once we do become aware, we begin to close the gap between our own discomfort of privilege, our irrational fears and the separation we feel from others. We detach from the fear that we have of those who cross the border to escape poverty and oppression. We separate from our judgment towards those who look or pray differently than we do. Our indifference to the plight of millions without healthcare and our intolerance towards the disadvantaged lessens and our compassion towards the destitute begins to heighten. In the end we may not get to choose the times we live in, but we do get to choose how we think and the type of world we want to create.

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