The Storming




Republican malcontents have been equating the BLM protests with a violent insurrection that stormed the U.S. Capitol and murdered law enforcement officers in a failed attempt to thwart a legitimate election and overthrow the U.S. Government. The group responsible wasn’t Muslims or Mexicans. It wasn’t LBGT militants or Black Lives Matter. It wasn’t Socialists or Antifa. It was white, republican Trump supporters. The same gullible half-wits who are now insisting that Trump didn’t actually participate in the insurrection; therefore, asserting that an impeachment trial would be prejudicial. The fact is the capital was overrun, and there was no effort whatsoever to evacuate the president from DC to a secure location. This tells you all you need to know about who launched and directed the violent attack. Let’s also remember that on 911, Bin Laden didn’t actually pilot the planes into the World Trade Center.

Those Republicans’ who are suddenly calling for “unity” is code for insurrection amnesty, and the United States should never negotiate with terrorists. Despite their complicity in subverting our democracy, this collation of dunces is also shamelessly whining about censorship and complaining about a private media company having kicked Trump off its platform. Perhaps if they simply considered Twitter as a Christian bakery and Trump a gay wedding cake, it would satisfy their feigning empathy. Regardless, since Twitter silenced Trumps dangerous rhetoric, the country has been far calmer.

The reality is, since 1789 there have only been four presidents who’ve been impeached. Only five failed to win the popular vote. Thirteen failed to be reelected, and none have been impeached…. twice. There is only one president, who managed to accomplish all four. Let’s remember those who abetted this inept criminal and let us continue to refute their deceit, sedition and fear.



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