The Mythology of Limited Government



Many self-proclaimed constitutionalists today are peddling the daft notion of a limited government shepherded by mythological individuality and idyllic kinship. However, much of this allegorical thinking is grounded in the peculiar belief that self-reliant communities can alleviate poverty, cure diseases, build infrastructure and fight natural disasters. Unfortunately, this flawed hypothesis also subscribes to a conviction that abolishes everything from public education, the FDA, national parks, NASA, the FAA, the FBI, prisons, police and fire departments. As well as the national weather service, public transportation, highways, bridges, libraries and museums. Not to mention environmental and public health agencies and all social services including Medicare, social security, NIH funding, science, research and vaccines. Even sidewalks and street lighting would not meet the narrow criteria of this 18th century government in a 21st century world. The reality of course, is for the last fifty years Medicare and Social Security has lifted millions of Americans out of abject poverty and created access to affordable healthcare. Unfortunately, this minor detail is dismissed for the implausible conviction that school fundraisers and church bake sales could assume the governments role in meeting our most vulnerable citizens basic economic and healthcare needs. It is exactly this sort of recalcitrant reasoning that leads many conservatives to misunderstand the definition of equality in our economy. This results in a rigid, one-dimensional assessment that defines equality as as an exact division, where everyone is identical and at the same level. Of course this over-simplified characterization neglects the broader interpretation of justness, fairness and impartiality when referring to outcomes. A misconception that inevitably confuses equity with sameness. Regrettably, for a nation with our values to descend into an empathy gap of rigid dogma that deals in the currency of fear and violence and demonizes enlightened thought at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens, is ultimately our greatest failure.





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