The First 2400 hours


As it turns out, the plan to make America great again is teeming with conflicts of interest, foreign influence, corruption and dismal approval ratings. Consequently, Trump has very little to show for the traditional hundred-day benchmark except perhaps 2400 hours of chaos. The Donald has shaped his presidency much like his personal life-surrounded by anti-intellectuals, social outcasts and conspiracists. The result is a political freak show that includes an ongoing FBI investigation of a sitting president, a national security advisor being fired and the recusal of his attorney general. Immediately following that fiasco, Trump managed to botch his own signature campaign pledge to repeal healthcare within the first thirty-days. The courts twice deemed his immigration bans unconstitutional and there’s still no wall. Despite Washington being under a single party control, the self-proclaimed deal-maker has signed a handful of executive orders but hasn’t managed to accomplish one major legislative success. Even getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court required Mitch McConnell to blow-up the Senate rules. Of course, for a political day-trader like Trump-who spends every weekend golfing and recapping his electoral numbers to anyone within earshot, it’s not surprising even he would eventually recognize being leader of the free world is harder than hosting reality television shows and beauty pageants. Nonetheless, one of the greatest legacies of this presidency is a complete lack of ethical conviction. As it turns out, everything in Trump’s America is up for sale, including competence and aptitude………. One hundred days down…….1355 to go.


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