The Fear of Values



The central question on November 3rd is not Donald Trump. It is our values, and in turn the kind of country we choose to live in. Election day will determine if the cost of doing business means corporate profits outweigh the public good. That eliminating healthcare for millions, voter suppression and starving government to the point it becomes ineffective is acceptable. It will determine, if our endless pursuit of wealth means everything is for sale, buyer beware, and unfairness can’t be helped. November 3rd will substantiate the beliefs that if you’re not rich-it’s because you didn’t work hard enough. If you’re poor, you’re lazy. If you’re sick, it’s your fault and if you’re old, you’re expendable. This election will determine if “the price of freedom” is worth having children go to school with bullet proof backpacks. Whether we preserve an explicitly Christian culture bordering on theocracy. If we have given up on equality and progress and decided to protect a system run by people making $700 an hour; who’ve convinced people earning $25 an hour, that people making $7.50 an hour are the problem. The central debate in this election is whether fear, anger and ugliness will win the day.



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