The Emperor Has No Clothes



The biggest divide in this country is not between Democrats and Republicans, it’s between those who embrace compassion, equality and dignity and those who believe in a weak man’s idea of strength, a coward’s idea of brave, a graceless man’s idea of gracious, a selfish man’s idea of charitable and a foolish man’s idea of a president. Donald Trump is the hardcore white nationalists’ poster-child if there ever was one. A man whose financial empire was either borrowed, inherited or acquired by fraud. He is an endless scroll of dimwitted conflicts spinning into self-absorbed madness. Sheltered by his supporters claims that he didn’t say that. And if he did, he didn’t mean it-and if he did, then you didn’t understand it. And if you did, it’s not a big deal. And if it is, Hillary and others have said worse and should be investigated. Trump is a man who has turned vice into virtue, slander into truth, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom and vindictiveness into patriotism. His narcissism is so malignant it divides us over things that were never even questions a few years ago, like whether Nazi’s are bad, Russian collusion is real, are journalists fake, is obstruction wrong, is honesty good.

The fact that so many republicans are comfortable with such a vulgarian in the White-House, who is immersed in the swill of casual racism, crass materialism, relentless self-aggrandizement and ganglia of resentments, illustrates just how far conservatives have sunk to justify their own selfishness. This may be the moral crisis of our time however; Donald Trump is not what’s wrong with the republican party-he is simply revealing it. The republican party is creating a situation where America is underfed, underpaid, under-insured, uneducated, uninformed, unable to vote, over populated, over-armed, and overly paranoid. The question is why?


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