The Dunning-Kruger Effect


There is finally a diagnosis for Trump supporters known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. Those who are afflicted with this psychological phenomenon don’t exhibit any visible signs of the disease. In fact, many don’t even realize they have the condition. It is not until they begin to demonstrate cognitive symptoms that it becomes evident there is a problem. Unfortunately, by then the illness has advanced to the late stages. The symptoms of this disease progress from the early stages of unexplained anger, a lack of critical thinking, and hypocrisy. To the more advanced stages of intolerance, circular logic, and the illusion of knowledge. Unfortunately, attempts to inject common sense as a remedy to heal the stricken have proven unsuccessful thus far. An exercise that is like trying to feed your dog a pill. First, you wrap it in bologna, then hold his snout closed and massage his throat. And then just when you think he swallowed it; he spits it back out on the floor. It’s the same when attempting to administer facts and reason as an antidote to this psychological syndrome. The final stages of this malady present as a compulsion with twenty-four-hour Fox News. The side effects are a limited understanding of government and a sudden urge to wear red baseball caps. This is exacerbated with a fascination of deep-state conspiracies and mindless repetitions of patriotism, God and country. The prognosis for those afflicted with this disorder is they are completely oblivious to just how offensive their behavior and thinking has become. An outcome that is painful only to those around them.


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