The Death of Shame



When the history of America is written, it will reflect upon a people who were convinced to hate their own government. Citizens who voted against policies designed to protect them from the ravages of economic plunder. People who were duped into trusting their future and placing their faith in an unhinged television personality wearing a red hat. Trumps intent to delegitimize the election with false allegations and refusing to concede is not because of voter fraud. It’s because he doesn’t give a damn about the process or the people. He continues to ignore a raging pandemic that is claiming three thousand lives every day and the worse yet to come.

The reality is even the republican party and their voters don’t care about the system. The only time republicans become concerned is when the fall-out from Trumps incompetence and shameless self-dealing impacts them personally. Take for instance, Gabriel Sterling, a Republican voting official from the state of Georgia, who issued an emotional plea to the nation. Mr. Sterling never appealed on behalf of disenfranchised voters, voter suppression, immigrants, African Americans, or mail-in ballots. When he finally did petition support and sound the alarm, it wasn’t because the system was under attack, it was only because he and his inner circle were under attack.

The last four-years we’ve witnessed the death of shame. A time when people became sicker than they should’ve been, poorer than they ought to have been and less safe than they deserved to be. However, when the history of America is written, hopefully it will reflect on a people who finally got it right and put an end to an ugly insurgency of fear and self-dealing. A people who returned to the ideals of decency and respect that have served the nation well for generations.

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  1. Jim Mangan

    Spot on!

    As a culture it appears as though we have become numb to the outrageous acts of Trump and those who support him…

    I feel that we all are complicit to some degree , living in our own world of distraction by TV, smart phone, Facebook, ( name your favorite) and if we are fortunate enough to be white, Middle-class, the effects are ‘out there’ versus directly affecting us…

    Shame and guilt have been used and abused in our lives… However we would benefit by examining our actions and in actions during this coup .

    “Your silence will not protect you”

    • Jstevenmedia

      I believe you have identified the underlying problem and the reason why we’re in the dangerous state of affairs that we find ourselves. Apathy. We’re too busy with social media, wealth, the stock market, sports, reality television, etc…. when asked their opinions, values, or positions on various policies, many will claim “I’m just not into politics” the problem with that perspective is, although they may not be into politics, they damn sure better believe their bank is. Their employer is, and so is their insurance company and many more that we depend on. Companies who influence legislation and polices that effect our lives. To your point, this is why we are where we are. This is why we have legislators from 17 different states, Republican leadership, who are complicit in overthrowing the peoples vote and stealing the election for Trump through depraved indifference. This is plain and simple sedition and yet they get away with it not because millions of Trump supporters are backing them, but because millions more of Americans remain silent. We are becoming a nation who are no longer capable of self governing themselves.

  2. Chris Walsh

    Trump’s administration was the triumph of arrogance. Hopefully things can turn around

    • Jstevenmedia


      As I wrote,The last four-years we’ve witnessed the death of shame. A time when people became sicker than they should’ve been, poorer than they ought to have been and less safe than they deserved to be. I had hoped the election would’ve revealed the arrogance, fear, and self dealing of this national nightmare. Instead, it seems to have only validated the worse of the human condition. We now have seventeen republicans from various states committing sedition by trying to overthrow the peoples vote in a fair election. All the while most Americans and the Republican leadership remain complicit through their lack of action and silence. It is depraved indifference and criminal on an unprecedented level. There has been a slow motion coup underway for the last forty-years. They have secured the money, the power and the influence. The only thing they didn’t have…..and the one thing they feared the most was the collective vote….. and now that they have eliminated the last obstacle in their path, the collective vote, they have no reason to stop. Biden is a Centrist. Unfortuantely, what the country needs to wrestle the nation back are not the kind of tinkering-around-at-the-edges policies that a Centrist like Biden is comfortable with. What it would take are bold cultural changes. I fear it is probably to late, most Americans are either to uninformed or apathetic to care. The result is a nation incapable of self governence. As dystopian as that sounds, I believe there is still a chance of hope, Im just not sure what the cost will be. Thanks for commenting.