The Curse of Frankenstein



Donald Trump is a symptom of a festering cultural illness that represents problems far worse than we care to imagine. The republican party’s very own Frankenstein- a monster even they can no longer control. The result is an aberration of masculinity, an egotistical scoundrel with the swagger of a bully whose ascendance represents the latent racism and intolerance and of an anxious electorate.                   The Svengali-like hold Trump has on his followers is an illusion that captivates those clinging to adolescent myths of manhood. Voters who marvel at an egotistical man who believes he is entitled to anything and everything. The sort of man that woos people, rips them off and then abandons them. A guy who mocks decency, demeans the less fortunate and places winning above all else. Psychologists refer to this caricature as the alpha male. A classic patriarchal construct that is considered one of the most damaging of temperaments. Ironically, while the rest of the world ignores Trump, the puffed-up, nervous wannabes awed by this spectacle will eventually discover that strength doesn’t dwell in pettiness, prejudice and hate. That affordable healthcare and living wages are not handouts. Poverty is not self-inflicted and building a wall will not solve their economic problems. Although judgement and intolerance have always been the province of good people, any effort of Trump supporters to absolve themselves of their role in electing a deplorable demagogue like Trump, can never lessen the moral weight of their political choice. They say monsters always arrive when reason is no longer alert. Trumpublicans will eventually come to understand what everyone else already knows. They too have lost in this election by awakening a lurking demon seeking a home; they just don’t know it yet.


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