The Culture of Conservative Contradiction



I find it difficult to take many conservatives seriously that are offended by what is perceived as mean-spirited jargon while they remain silent on the callous and incendiary comments from within their own party. This is analogous to Muslims who are offended with an American presence in the Middle East yet collectively remain apathetic and unwilling to speak out or act against the heartless and provocative extremism of Muslim terrorist groups in their own backyards. Most conservatives I know are good neighbors and honorable individuals although, collectively the party has emboldened calcified thinking that is impervious to broader perspectives and facts through a methodical campaign of fear, hate and misinformation. In their collective silence, conservative voters have acquiesced to notions of birth certificates, death panels, frivolous presidential lawsuits and government shutdowns. Labeling the president as Hitler, the poor as takers and healthcare as Socialism. They remain complicit in false war and torture; disregard corporate welfare, the concentration of wealth, climate change and the systematic dismantling of the nations social safety nets.  In spite of patriotic rhetoric defending personal rights the Conservative party has bestowed corporations the same privileges as individuals. They support anti-abortion and yet oppose early preventative childcare. Conservative voters support a stronger middleclass economy but oppose modest tax increases for the wealthiest and living wage increases for the working poor. They demand spending reductions to social programs but oppose cuts to a military budget that is higher than the next seventeen nations combined.  I’m hard pressed to find a Conservative who doesn’t oppose healthcare reform in spite of the insurance industries long history of denying treatment and the fact our national healthcare costs are the highest in the industrialized world. Similarly is their strong opposition to banking regulations, in spite of rampant consumer credit abuses and Wall Street practices that led to a global economic collapse with no accountability and enormous profits reaped at the expense of American taxpayers. The list is limitless, however the point is obvious. The conservative party is wedded to an endless pursuit of wealth and a perpetual state of war, at any cost.

Ronald Reagan, the patron saint of conservatism wouldn’t even be welcomed into this modern incarnation of the conservative party as a result of pursuing a strategy of raising taxes multiple times, mass amnesty for undocumented workers and increasing the size of government. Almost every important issue from; the individual mandate and immigration amnesty to unions and environmental legislation requires a massive rewriting of history from what conservatives once stood for just a couple of decades ago, to what they vehemently oppose today. Conservative voters who remain silent to these types of abstract notions, inconsistencies, contradictions and misinformation are complicit in the exploitation of their own fears of social progress. As a conservative voter if you don’t want our tax dollars helping the sick, poor and the needy while addressing issues of sustainability, equality and middleclass economics then its time to stop claiming you support a party based on Christian values and democratic ideals







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