The Case for Hillary



Hillary Clinton represents one of the most complex and resilient figures in U.S. politics despite a relentless twenty-five-year character assassination perpetrated by conservatives. This broad misrepresentation of Clinton as inherently corrupt and deceitful is bolstered through the political theater of Benghazi, state department emails and the Clinton foundation. In spite of these issues undergoing more scrutiny than Watergate and subsequently revealing no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, it is a fictional narrative that shapes the way voters think and feel about Hillary Clinton. The reality is Clinton remains an unapologetic capitalist whose affluence, family foundation and Wall Street connections exemplify the political establishment. However, she also has a long history of advocacy for education, healthcare and women’s rights. Beginning with the children’s defense fund in the 1970’s and her tireless efforts on national healthcare and women’s issues in the 1990’s. As Senator she advocated for expanding healthcare to veterans and 9/11 responders. And as presidential candidate she remains committed to protecting collective bargaining, minimum wage increases and equal pay for women. Pledging to address climate change, renewable energies and of course, create the first reliably progressive supreme court since the 1970’s. With the possible exception of Eleanor Roosevelt, no other first lady has been such a compelling symbol of change. A transformative figure who threatens the implicit bias of conservative ideology and challenges the long-held Republican opposition to sharing the halls of power with anyone other than traditional white-male hierarchy. In a few weeks we face a momentous choice. To vote for a deplorable misogynist with a D minus intellect and an eighth grade vocabulary, who is universally regarded as one of the most unqualified individuals to ever run for president or cast a ballot for a woman whose qualifications clearly exceed just about any other candidate in the modern era.


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  1. Thank you PolitiJoe. You are the quality of a writer that deserves a much, much, much, larger podium. It would be in the best interests of any major city newspaper, radio or television station – regardless of political mindset – to beg you to bring your thoughtful and well written columns to their readers and listeners.

    Each time one of your columns surfaces I literally stop everything to read it and you never disappoint.

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      I always look forward to your gracious and inspiring comments…..thank you.

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