The Art of the Donald



Donald Trump is by all accounts one of the greatest self-marketing geniuses of our time. A master of self-promotion whose persona and showmanship has entertained American audiences by exploiting the worst in human behavior for years. The past several months this modern P.T. Barnum has pushed his kitschy, second-rate style on American democracy. Attempting to transform it into another tasteless version of Trump design. In the last two election cycles we’ve seen his crude, tough guy persona before in G. W. Bush. We’ve glimpsed a similar impulsiveness in John McCain. Observed the plutocrat billionaire in Mitt Romney and witnessed the same unsophisticated, crass personality in Sarah Palin. The Republican party has somehow managed to roll all of these flawed characters into one tactless, unseemly 2016 candidate. The consequence of which is a conservative establishment paralyzed by their very own Frankenstein-like nominee. A celebrity carnival barker who plays well to an unsophisticated electorate, that is easily swayed by a slick marketer who walks and talks just like they do. The reality is the array of Trumpisms will simply not hold up in a general ballot. The sophomoric insults, name calling, racism and bullying will lose moderate Republicans, swing voters, conservative democrats, minorities and ultimately the 2016 election. In the process, the party of Lincoln will have abandoned its traditional values for a tawdry melodrama and find itself a smoldering footnote in the history of political theater.

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