Radical Trumpublicans




The misguided admiration for a reality-television bully who was born on third-base and acts like he hit a homerun is indicative of a conservative constituency who have managed to convince themselves that wealth and racial antipathy are calling cards to the White House. They are gambling on a billionaire who lives in a guiled penthouse to empathize with the economic challenges facing the middle-class. It is increasingly becoming more obvious, the less informed a constituency becomes the easier it is to manipulate them into greater delusions.

No-where is this more evident than the Donald’s “tell it like it is” style; consisting of half-baked theories like building a wall along the Mexican border and deporting eleven-million undocumented immigrants. Unfortunately, Trumps rhetoric defining Mexicans as anchor babies, thieves, rapists and the source of disease are notions designed to merely capitalize on America’s latent racism, sexism, and prejudices. Trumpisms regarding presidential birth certificates, Muslim databases and ID cards are eerily similar to Nazi propagandists who campaigned against European Jews eighty years ago. The fact this type of rhetoric finds a home at all, should be alarming to everyone sitting on the sidelines.

The U.S. has always had crackpot ideologues on the fringes of political society. However, Trump is not an outlier, he is the Republican front runner who reflects the increasing radicalization of the Republican party. The GOP and its supporters have moved so far to the right that even Republican poster child Ronald Reagan would be too progressive for these conservatives. Trump is a belligerent, crass, loudmouth who lacks any foreign-policy worldview. He is simply another passenger in the Republican clown car peddling overly simplistic notions under the false illusion of knowledge. In another words he’s exactly the kind of person the Republican base consist of and is showing Republicans who they really are and even they don’t like what they see.


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