Psalm 109:8



Trump is like having a six-year-old randomly pushing buttons in an air traffic control tower.  Not surprisingly, the ensuing chaos of his presidency has produced yet another crime scandal. This time for the abuse of power in the cash for dirt extortion scheme against Ukraine. An operation to shake down a foreign government for personal gain to help win an election, was run out of the White House at the direction of a corrupt president. Republicans would have us believe this is just another hoax or witch hunt from corrupt politicians with ties to the deep state. They argue that Trump never said what was read-out of the transcript. Despite the whistleblower account and the corroborating evidence from Tim Morrison, Bill Taylor, George Kent, P. Michael McKinley, Alexander Vindman, Fiona Hill, Kurt Volker, and Marie Youanovitch.  All career diplomats, dedicated public servants and decorated military veterans. Not to mention these testimonies were also backed up by John Bolton, Gordon Sondland and infamously acknowledged by Mick Mulvaney.

Republicans claim that even if Trump did say what was reported out from the transcript, he didn’t mean it. And if he did mean it, the public didn’t understand. And if we did understand, it’s simply not a big deal. And if it is a big deal, it’s not a crime. And more recently, if it is a crime, it’s not impeachable, so get over it. Unfortunately, their logic is based on the same flawed argument that if someone attempts to rob a bank but doesn’t actually get away with the money, then it’s technically not a crime.

The reality is, the constitution is not self-enforcing and for that reason Americans must take responsibility and hold this illegitimate president accountable for his crimes. 2020 may well be a choice between imperfect and irredeemable but this is no longer a battle between Democrats and Republicans. This ​is a cold civil war between democracy and a criminal enterprise. A divide between those who care and those who don’t.  I’m not inclined to cite biblical passages however, Psalm 109:8 seems fitting.

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  1. David Mann

    I have no idea what Psalm 109:8 is, but it must have something to do with social upheaval and destruction, because that is what I believe might be looming in 2020. A divided society is setting up for a critical election that could result in potentially damaging aftermath. This is largely due to the unholy marriage of the Evangelicals, the White Supremacists and the Oligarchs. Our president meets the definition of an Oligarch and it appears he has worked hard to establish ties to other Oligarchs and Autocrats around the world.

    The Trump administration has thus far delivered tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy (who finance elections), removed itself from time-tested international peace and trade agreements, assumed more of a Nationalist agenda, restricted immigration of Muslims and other largely non-white peoples; not to mention the personal harassment of just about everyone in or out of government, and the condemnation of the free press. This has happened before folks! Maybe not in the same way, but the signs were similar, even though the economic conditions were not. It took about six years for the Nazis to consolidate power and overthrow the German Wiemar Republic. Everyone wondered how the intelligent and prosperous German people could have allowed this to happen. WHAT WILL WE DO?

    • Jstevenmedia

      Psalm 109:8…”May his days be few, may another take his place of leadership”
      2020 will be a defining moment in our history. The moment when the populace will stand up or they will aquiece to a fascist oligarchy. They already have the money, the power and the influence. The only thing they don’t have, and the one thing they fear the most is the collective vote. Thus they will try to keep the populace divided by race, class and religion. Because the collective vote is all we have left-until they eliminate this one final obstacle. This didn’t just happen overnight, we have allowed it to happen….incrementally. Americans must unite in 2020 or it will be too late.