Political Psychosis



Through a virtually imperceptible campaign of misinformation and fear, Americans have been sold a bill-of-goods on the promises of trickle-down economics that have systematically dismantled the middle-class. This deception is so heinous it has duped an unwitting subculture of angry white Americans into becoming political arsonists who hate their own government, vote against their own interests and protect the very people who are forcing them to dig their own graves. The result is a system of unfettered capitalism, inequality and inverted totalitarianism-a disastrous cocktail of corporate cabals seizing control of government for their own interests at the expense of everyone else.

The real casualty in this slight-of-hand however, is the easily swayed electorate that has confused the daydream of a smart blue-collar business tycoon who promotes coherent polices and long-term solutions with that of a deplorable nightmare who has a D-minus intellect and a long history of sleazy business practices, personal deceptions and repugnant rhetoric. Of course it would be a mistake to imply this paranoid subculture is simply misguided. The truth is they remain completely blind to how ridiculous and offensive their candidates’ conspiracy theories, empty promises and quick fixes are to the rest of the world.

Ultimately, this spectacle is a political psychosis of self-destructive nihilism that has begun to unravel the very threads of our democracy.   It is time we take our nation back and make America great again. Not by welcoming narcissistic charlatans peddling dead-end notions of building walls, oppressing the less fortunate or forsaking our most vulnerable. Instead by regaining a mindfulness of politics that adheres to the principals of deliberation, compromise and fairness.

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