Modern Conservatism



Today’s conservatives feel threatened by the socialist factions in the world, deceived by the moderate conservatives in their government and obsess about birth certificates. They protest against sound banking practices, equitable taxation and national health care and propose fundamental change to Medicare in spite of the fact we cannot address 20% of the problem (Medicare) without addressing 80% of the underlying issue (lack of universal healthcare)

The Tea party is the Republicans very own Frankenstein, they consider deliberation and moderates a liability and perceive every issue as an absolute with no shades of gray, just black and white. Extremists who’ve somehow convinced themselves that taking care of our environment is a bad thing. Defining basic American virtues like taking care of the poor, the sick and the elderly as handouts and managing to blur the definitions of capitalism and democracy.

There was a time when we stood for what was right, when we waged war on poverty not on poor people. We never beat our chest; we explored the universe, cured diseases, created the world’s greatest economy and acted like men. We aspired to intelligence-we didn’t belittle it and it didn’t make us feel inferior. We were able to be all these things because we were informed and led by men of character with a world vision and purpose we intuitively understood and trusted.

Republicans have resigned themselves to a fringe group like the Tea party and settled on a hollow candidate like Romney.      A presidential nominee who refuses to discuss his biggest accomplishment as Governor-healthcare reform, his private sector business at Bain Capital, his religion, his taxes or details of his economic plan. Romney and to a greater extent, Republicans have pitched this race to the bottom like a used car salesmen at the end of the month.

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