Healthcare and the conservative agenda


Teaparty fear poster

Ever wonder what the rationale behind opposition to the Affordable Care Act is really about?

When that question has been posed to far-right conservatives their responses rely on the same old rudimentary misconceptions which ignores the stubborn fact our fragmented, convoluted healthcare system cost more and delivers less than other industrialized nations. They clumsily associate higher premiums with the Affordable Care Act while ignoring the fact that our premiums have increased 120% in the last decade before Obamacare. This group has framed the entire premise of their opposition with statements that the ACA will not allow consumers to keep their doctors. Notwithstanding, this applies to less than 2% of all healthcare consumers. More accurately, it applies to junk policies sold to consumers within the individual market. These policies demand renewals and changes every twelve to eighteen months regardless of Obamacare. The majority within this demographic still cling to the belief that the Affordable Care Act ushers in draconian death panels and socialized medicine that will begin limiting medications and treatment. The obvious reality is that insurance companies have been rationing care, limiting medications, denying claims and issuing treatment caps for years and this is exactly what Obamacare addresses.

On the surface, the rationale of far-right opposition to healthcare reform has always been about costs, fairness and economic sustainability. However when scrutinized, it becomes immediately apparent their entire premise is built on weak theories and unfounded conjecture. Weaved between the lines of these faulty conclusions is a consistent thread of government intrusion and fear. It becomes self-evident this was never about the broader discussion and more substantive question whether healthcare is a right of citizenship versus a privilege of employment. In a very real sense, this was never about Obamacare. What this is really about is a shameful ideological, anti-government opposition perpetrated by a demographic that dresses in traditional Republican ideals and trades in  anti-government paranoia as a convenient place to project their own fears and incomplete thinking on the rest of America.


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