Grab em’ by the mid-terms



There have been so many associates of Trumps administration and his organization who have pled guilty, been fined, criminally investigated, indicted and convicted of felonies that it remains hard to ascribe the pattern to coincidence or just a few bad apples. In criminal law, there is a statute called willful blindness that should be considered when weighing Donald Trump’s criminal involvement with money laundering and obstruction. As this presidency continues to unravel and the depth of self-dealing is exposed, it will become increasingly apparent the country did not elect a brilliant business man willing to protect the country. We elected a dimwitted con-man with a fragile psyche, who is advancing his own interest at the expense of the nation. Trump is not trying to distract us from his agenda; the minority of religious zealots and Libertarians are using Trump to distract us from theirs. This chaos and abomination of governance is what happens when we trust right-wing extremists to fix what they are complicit in breaking.

The outcome of the mid-term elections in November will either rescue our institutions from this slow-motion coup d’état or render democracy unrepairable forever. If Democrats don’t turn out in huge numbers in 2018, this opaque web of entrenched oligarchs, religious extremists and free market zealots will be emboldened to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller after the midterms. They will repeal Obamacare, further retreat from climate change, continue their strategy of privatization and begin their assault on Roe v Wade, Medicare and Social Security unabated.

Make no mistake, they don’t want to make government better- they want to tear it down; this has been their plan all along. The question is whether we will allow such a hostile takeover of our nation with any less resistance.

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