God, Guns & Country



The republican party has been schooling its voters with God, guns and country for decades. A calculated diversion that combines Christian hypocrisy with whitemale privilege. Unfortunately, when you’re used to privilege, equity begins to feel like oppression. Thus, too many middleclass republicans are compelled to search for a moral justification to their own selfishness by forfeiting their rights and protections, so long as those who are less fortunate and therefore underserving will also lose theirs.

Republicans have befallen a major political party that tutors its citizens with deceptions and fabrications. A practice that mistakes kindness for weakness, twist vice into virtue, slander into truth and vindictiveness into patriotism. The result is that we’ve become a nation of predators, who fight petty grievances while humiliating others. A place where teachers are perceived as extremist, protecting the environment is radicalism, affordable healthcare is a socialist plot, climate change is a hoax and a caravan of oppressed women and children seeking asylum are regarded as a military threat instead of a humanitarian crisis. This dead-end Calvinist thinking ignores the fact Jesus was a long-haired, brown-skinned, homeless refugee from the Middleast with socialist views. It conveniently forgets he never spoke English, never called the poor lazy, never justified torture and never advocated enormous tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes. The challenges we confront today have nothing to do with social welfare, minorities, immigrants, gays, Muslims or liberals. The underlying problem is an empathy gap of fear and intolerance. The solution is not building a wall but building a longer table.

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  1. Jim mangan

    Thank you for your commitment to sharing this knowledge with us…

    We live in a time where many people allow mouthpieces like rush Limbaugh and others who are self-serving entertainers to speak for them using fear-based separation, greed, rhetoric, and one-liners that serve to create scapegoat’s of women, children, foreigners, the poor and those who have different sexual orientation.It’s sad to see how many people are aligned with these policies, not knowing they only serve a powerful elite and that they are worse off now than they were before this president…

    Please keep up the good work! I’ll share this with everyone I know… Jim

    • Jstevenmedia


      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughtful perspective. As you indicated; most of us understand the economic concerns Trumps supporters are frustrated with. However, they are protecting the very people who are forcing them to dig their own graves. Ultimately, Trump is the wrong answer to the right question.