Funeral for Democracy



Although this election represents a victory for Trump and social conservatives it also epitomizes the demise of American Democracy and the systematic dismantling of the middleclass. A masterful Republican slight-of-hand carried out through a successive assortment of hypocrites, dunces, religious zealots and tyrants, each increasingly worse than the last. A sideshow of distraction peddling manufactured fears, anti-government hatred, deception and limited worldviews to an easily swayed electorate. With the support of gullible voters desperate for easy answers to an increasingly complex world, Republicans have methodically abandoned sound banking practices, equitable taxation, labor unions and health care for the promises of trickle-down economics, perpetual war, religion and guns. And in the process, sold their country out to extremists for the reckless pursuit of wealth, greed and power. The result is an irrational electorate duped into gambling the future on the most deplorable and unqualified candidate in political history. A tawdry ideologue with Louis the XIV chairs who appeals to their latent racism, sexism and collective prejudices by escalating hatred to horrifying places. In spite of the fact we live in a time where our nation has never been wealthier, stronger or safer, Americans have lost hope and remain unaware of the self-inflicted horror they’ve unleashed upon the nation. The Republican party, abetted by corporate media-the very establishments designed to shelter and protect Americans against exploitation, have trafficked in sensationalism, fear and deception to warrant their endless pursuit of profit and plunge the nation into the abyss. This one act will define the nation for a generation to come from; Supreme Court justices, healthcare, immigration reform, tax reform, gender equality, labor, energy, environment, consumer protections, Roe v. Wade and climate change. The greater tragedy however, is when Americans do finally realize they’ve been unwitting accomplices to their own execution, it’ll be too late.



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