Fractured Reasoning


wealth distribution

  Todays version of conservatism is simply another example of social Darwinism from a constituency with a willingness to subscribe to crackpot ideologies regardless of just how crazy they appear to the rest of the world. This misguided band of religious right misfits, anti-government extremist and American mythology zealots defend their leisurely intellect with an arbitrary fear of socialist plots and contempt of accepted facts. A paranoid worldview constructed through the wreckage of half-baked theories, fragmented morality and convoluted judgment. The unfortunate result is a willfully ignorant constituency that elects willfully ignorant politicians who anthropomorphize corporations and dehumanize people.

The predictable empathy gap against wealth concentration and the working poor is the result of social dropouts who prioritize the financial cost of helping citizens rather than the moral cost of not helping them. A systematic dismantling of the nations social safety net, trillions of dollars on unnecessary wars and trillions more in tax cuts that benefit corporations and Americas wealthiest at the expense of the middleclass. This begs the question, what kind of society do we want and deserve for ourselves, one that is devoid of the ability to care for or even about the least among us, or one of shared wealth and prosperity.


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