Common Ground




The impending 2016 election is proving to be unprecedented with non-establishment candidates from both political parties reflecting the middleclass anger, disenfranchisement and cynicism of a stacked economic deck in a rigged system.

Apart from the contemptuous rhetoric, there is common ground. Both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement grew out of the revulsion to Wall street bailouts. Both Democrat and Republican voters support reasonable gun legislation and remain fatigued with the corrosive influence of Wall Street money and the corporate influence that is corrupting our political process. Both constituencies are disillusioned with foreign trade agreements, inequitable taxation policies, speculative financial practices and the profusion of corporate subsidies that benefit the moneyed interest at the expense of the middle-class. Unfortunately, these notable issues are concealed in a calculated deception that threatens to undermine our democracy. An ingenious sleight-of-hand intended to distract voters with perpetual wars, manufactured fears and harebrained theories of government tyranny, birth certificates, Mexicans, Muslims and Socialists. Over the last thirty-five years middle-class wealth has been squandered, wages have stagnated and work-place protections have eroded. All at the hands of footloose corporations, Wall Street speculators and the political establishment in their thrall. These moneyed interests will never freely give up their influence and power. It has to be wrestled back by pushing from the outside and acknowledging the fallacious reasoning and trivial distractions that divide us. Only then, through the one thing they fear the most- a collective mindfulness, can we demand a return to policies that accurately reflect middleclass economics.


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