Dereliction of Duty



Donald Trump is not the cause of deterioration in our politics, he is the effect of deterioration of our politics. He is a boorish vulgarian who professes to represent the working class. In reality, Trump has nothing to offer the working-class except bumper-sticker solutions that target immigrants and minorities. He is what he is and although there is some shock, there should be no surprise. Trump is the product of our cultural and political dysfunction. The manifestation of what has become of us. We tell ourselves politics is corrupt; the system is rigged and the parties are to blame. However, these facts are merely a by-product of our own apathy. The truth is we’ve allowed this to happen. When 46.9% of eligible Americans from both political parties don’t even bother to vote, it represents a dereliction of civic responsibility that leaves the nation at the mercy of liars, panderers and profiteers who have little to fear.

Without even considering the consequences, Americans have placed their blind faith in the benevolence of soulless corporations and the deceitful politicians who carry their water. The result is our treasury has been looted, our blood has been spilled and our rights are pilfered for their personal gain. While the moneyed interest slash healthcare, dismiss reasonable gun legislation, oppose equitable taxation and privatize the commons, ordinary Americans are debating building walls, deporting immigrants and trying to normalize the abnormal. The result is a decrepit culture with a tattered past and a crumbling future. The truth is our politics is rotting; we are becoming ungovernable and we feel sorry for ourselves, because the sickness is beginning to show.

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