Decline of the American Empire



Historians have determined the past empires of Britain, Rome, Egypt, Spain and Persia had an average life span of two-hundred and fifty years. When the United States is measured against this historical backdrop it is speculated, based largely on the social and political values of our time, to collapse around 2030. The U.S. has continued to stagger into the twenty-first century characterized by political hypocrisy, economic volatility, frivolous consumption, gratuitous violence and perpetual war. The result of a broadly apathetic and uninformed populace who harbor an unwavering preoccupation with fame, wealth and guns.

America has become an imperial state presided over by charlatans who pander to a ruling corporatocracy. A forfeited government coerced by religious fundamentalists who subscribe to Calvinist beliefs. A nation threatened by militias with apocalyptic visions and hijacked by Libertarians with deep state conspiracy theories. This new radical state is complicit in borrowing trillions of dollars of debt from China-to dole out trillions more in tax cuts to the wealthy. Despite these bleak deficiencies, the final chapter of an undeclared American empire remains incomplete. History has yet to judge whether its citizens have the wisdom or the will to self-govern and thus defend democracy or blindly follow the fate of past empires who conceded to the radical forces of their time.

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  1. D. Mann

    Against this depressing backdrop, I am elated by comments from youth around the country demanding freedom from gun fears and violence in schools and communities. This is new, and they are unafraid to call out the NRA and their Congressional stooges. I remain hopeful.

    • Jstevenmedia

      I also remain hopeful that maybe….just maybe, the youth will come to the rescue on this issue. However, this age group can’t vote-at least not yet and therefore the Republicans who carry water for the NRA I don’t think will pay attention. If 26 schoolchildren can be massacred and nothing changes….then i doubt anything will. Not until Americans in red states stand up to the Rick Scotts of the world and demand change from the terrorist organization that mascerades as a lobbyist for the gun industry.