Cynical Malfeasance




The spectacle of Conservative indignation towards President Obama over atrocities like the Middle East and Iraq is as disingenuous as it is shortsighted. Assigning blame to Obama ignores the murderous hustle by political thugs who invaded a sovereign nation under a false pretense. This disastrous policy created an imbalance in the region and predictably ignited tribal conflicts, civil wars and regional destabilization that, in the process destroyed thousands of lives, squandered trillions of dollars and left an entire nation in shambles.

The malfeasance of such an erroneous course of action was determined by the absence of principled political leadership, the greed of moneyed interest and the complicities of the American media. This contradictory ideology reflects a pattern of failed policies and reinforces the role of the U.S. military-industrial complex as the world’s largest arms supplier to an already volatile region. We compound this error when our military, which happens to be the single largest oil consumer in the world, intervenes to protect oil reserves, legitimizing a convoluted philosophy that influences a perpetual state of war and a culture of violence that will continue to haunt us for decades.

Conservatives won’t condemn Bush for misleading the American public into a false war but they will file a frivolous lawsuit against Obama for delaying a healthcare mandate, which they oppose. If all this sounds cynical, that’s because it is. Worse, it illustrates just how far Republicans have drifted from their values. The marriage of a do-nothing Republican congress and the extremist wing of the GOP is a marriage of bad economics and deceptive practices that when combined, unites a myopic perspective with an illusion of knowledge that attempts to address 21st century problems with 20th century solutions.




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