There was a time when we were a nation informed and led by men of character with vision who stood for what was right, who ended conflicts and protected the middle-class from unfettered capitalists. Men who didn’t belittle intelligence, who trusted science and didn’t hate their own government. Contrast this with todays Republican party. A congress inundated with crackpot ideologues espousing contradictory beliefs and half-baked theories of anti-government tyranny. An assembly so irretrievably bound to radical impulses and manufactured issues they routinely practice political arson in the form of government shutdowns. Candidates who advocate carpet bombing the middle-east and deporting eleven million immigrants. And a Conservative Supreme court justice who believes that African-Americans should consider less-advanced and slower-track schools. Now compliment all of this with Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner who, for the last five months has been showing Republicans who they really are-and even THEY don’t like what they see. If this means anything at all, it’s that the Republican party can no longer be trusted to lead the free world. Consider a Republican White House with complete control over the entire federal government and retaining the majority of state governments. The confluence of momentous issues subject to the impending 2016 election will certainly be one of the most pivotal of our time. From healthcare, climate change, supreme court appointments and mass incarceration. To corporate taxation, Wall Street reform, wealth concentration and reproductive rights. Crucial issues, that if left in the hands of the GOP sideshow of hypocrites and radicalized social drop-outs will negatively impact policies and radically alter our society for decades. The actual question we should be asking ourselves at this pivotal crossroad is not what candidate we want over the next four years. But more importantly, what sort of society do we aspire to over the next four decades.


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