Crisis of Faith



There is a crisis of faith among republican voters. They believe forces beyond their control are threatening their way of life and the country has abandoned them. Their wages have stagnated. Their healthcare cost continue to rise. Their pensions have been frozen or eliminated. Prescription drug prices are ballooning, climate change is worsening and enormous tax cuts go to the wealthiest. They are now working longer for less. They suspect the banks, their corporate employers, insurance companies, the oil industry, wall street, the credit card companies, the airlines, the media and their government do not operate in their best interest. They’re angry and they have no idea how to fix any of this. Sadly, in their pursuit of easy answers to complex problems, they have put their faith in the hands of a self-dealing degenerate with decades of fraud, dishonesty and criminal conduct. They’ve entrusted political shills to act as a beacon of hope against the intrusion of a corporatocracy. By relentlessly peddling the notion that climate scientists, scholars, historians, economists and journalists are deceiving them, republican voters are now convinced that unions, universal healthcare, socialism, families on food stamps and oppressed immigrants are the root of all their economic problems. Disappointingly, they are protecting the very corporations who are pilfering their rights, destroying their environment and stealing their wealth. This crisis of faith is heading towards a crescendo in our Democracy. It is an absolute fact authoritarianism and the Trump Nationalist party are competing with democracy. In their every action, they are intending to create a situation where America is underfed, underpaid, under-insured, uneducated, uninformed, unsafe, unable to vote, over-armed, and overly paranoid. This is no longer a political question. It is a moral one.

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  1. Jim Mangan

    Well stated!
    Sadly our culture is one of searching for quick fixes and scapegoating Whomever they can so that they are not on the bottom…

    I grew up with a simple yet profound rule; “do unto to others as you would have them do unto you “‘