Conservatives, Healthcare and Moderation



With regards to ideology, the conservatives have yet to provide solutions, worse, the Affordable Healthcare Act was fundamentally taken right out of the conservative playbook twenty years ago…. a combination of public and private initiatives including mandates.

Unfortunately, conservatives continue to beat the entitlement drum in large part against Medicare, unfortunately the Medicare cost issue is a smaller part of a larger problem…….lack of universal healthcare.
We simply cannot address 20% of the problem (Medicare) without addressing 80% of the underlying issue (lack of universal healthcare)

Although there remains fundamental disagreement with government’s role in healthcare, I find it hard to dismiss the obvious benefits and costs savings associated with universal healthcare. Once you realize that ideology is the only barrier its becomes harder to deny that its cheaper, with better outcomes, and a fairer system. Ultimately it just makes good fiscal sense.

We have somehow come to consider moderation and moderates as a liability. We have somehow convinced ourselves that taking care of our environment is a bad thing. We substituted basic American virtues like taking care of the poor, the sick and the elderly as handouts. We have managed to confuse the definitions between capitalism and democracy and impulsively choose war before diplomacy. This is the problem I have with ultra-conservatives like the tea party; everything is an absolute with no room for any moderation. There are no shades of gray in the tea party world, just black and white and that by default is extremism, like it or not.

What is typically aligned with extremism unfortunately is hypocritical ideology. For instance recent studies reveled that 73% of self-proclaimed tea party members disagree with cuts to the Medicare program……
There is a very real disconnect associated with this extremism.

Caring for those individuals amongst us who remain less fortunate:
The poor, elderly, incarcerated and the mentally ill and ensuring that every one of our citizens is offered, not a handout but a leg up, is not a measure of weakness but a measure of a nations strength.

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