Conservative Misconceptions



Romney’s success: It’s never been about his success, it is about orchestrating leveraged buyouts using toxic financial instruments and in many cases outsourcing jobs or replacing them with low wage positions with little or no healthcare.

Romney’s wealth: It’s never been about his wealth, it is about his off-shore tax shelters, Cayman Island shell companies and Swiss bank accounts. Although not illegal, as a presidential candidate it is ……. odd.

Taxes: It’s never been about the dollar amount Romney pays, it is about the ratio of taxes paid to income earned.
The fact that Romney pays 13% federal taxes and a fireman, teacher or nurse pays 28% is inequitable.

Paul Ryan: It’s never been about his budget; it is about the streaming contradictions.
He is a career politician with no business experience who happened to vote for every unfunded Bush initiative including the bailout and the stimulus bill.

Debt/Budget: It’s never been solely about entitlements: slashing education, Medicare, poverty and healthcare programs, it is about a balanced approach, which includes defense spending, eliminating the bush tax cuts and returning to Clinton era marginal tax rates.

Business experience: Conservatives believe Romney’s calling card to the White House is his business experience, Wall Street deregulation and trickle down economics. However, if business acumen and eliminating financial oversight were the sole indicators of effective governance we should be swimming in wealth and prosperity following eight years of George Bush, who had significant business experience, subscribed to the theory of trickle down economics and provided little Wall street oversight. Unfortunately, that combination left the country in shambles and near economic collapse, which cost the US economy eleven trillion dollars and 8.5 million jobs.

A vote for Romney would be a wholesale surrender of the American middle class.


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