Capitalism v. Democracy




In their endless pursuit of wealth and profit the corporate and moneyed interests have intentionally blurred the definitions between capitalism and democracy. History reminds us the founding fathers did not create America to become rich. They aspired to self-determination and the unique concept of promoting the general welfare of all people. When they included the passage “promoting the general welfare” in the preamble of our constitution, they understood the notion that Americans may become wealthy if they choose and therefore, wealth should be considered merely a by-product of our democracy rather than its purpose. If we adhere to this declaration, then our policies should also reflect this intent. Unfortunately, for the last thirty-five years the limitless quest for greater profit and wealth by the corporatocracy and the radical politicians in their thrall has resulted in a marriage of deceptive practices and bad economics that ignores this principal tenet of our democracy. We must begin to recognize that absent the complimentary pillars of government, capitalism will continue to peddle the grand illusion that a healthy society can be organized around the single-minded pursuit of wealth. The reality is the corrosive influence of unfettered capitalism and financial greed within our political process is our gravest failure.


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