Broken Democracy



The history of America may well be written as the story of a people who delegitimized their own government and systematically dismantled their way of life. Over the last thirty-five years, a right-wing ideology has managed to convince working-class stiffs to hate their government, vote against their own interests and protect the very people forcing them to dig their own graves. In turn, a new concept of government has begun to emerge. Transforming what was once business, labor and government working together as complimentary pillars of society, to what can only be described today, as a hostile takeover of our system. This new form of corporate governance has used their vast wealth to infiltrate the republican party, influence policies, rig elections and deliver special privileges to themselves. Donald Trump personifies this emerging form of government; a self-dealing capitalist, who fuels a spiral of right-wing radicalism and the resurgence of white supremacy in an era of mass shootings. However, he is only a symptom of the perversion. The real threat is an increasingly radicalized corporatocracy who are using Trump to distract us from their agenda. This zealous regime understands that the only way to preserve their wealth, extend their influence and sustain their power is through two distinct strategies; first using divide and conquer tactics that distract the populace with issues of race, ethnicity, sex and religion. This ensures a majority will not coalesce and rise up against them. Second; rig the political system through gerrymandering, voter suppression and voter restrictions; with the specific purpose of maintaining a free, but unfair election process. This strategy serves two functions; by conflating capitalism with democracy, it aligns Libertarian economics with a militarized national-security state. Ensuring a corrupt regime can prolong its rule indefinitely by convincing enough paranoid conspiracists, to protect the nation’s “heritage” and the regime, who claims to represent that birthright, from the perceived threats of government oversight, migrants, socialism, taxation, environmentalism and social justice. Thereby, creating an endless stream of manufactured crises that virtually guarantees their loyalists will never join forces with the majority of Americans.

Although the emerging oligarchy has the wealth, the power and the influence. The one thing they lack and the thing they fear the most, is the collective vote. Therefore, a tremendous amount of power still resides with the people. Let us not forget the ultimate rule of democracy; it is fragile and depends entirely on the virtues of its citizens to persist.

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  1. David Mann

    Excellent piece!! Very provocative, as usual, capturing the essence of the problem we are experiencing. Nimble-lipped grifters controlling government at every level, seemingly without moral compass and willing to support the supreme grifter at almost any cost.

    They are changing the tenets of our American democracy piece by piece: money controlling elections, inability to accept and work with changing demographic realities; creating distractions rather than goals, images rather than facts; hate and vilification rather than understanding; shifting to larger military investment rather than reinvestment in community infrastructure, education and people. The 98% continue to accept their trickle down lives as we observe the increasing environmental destruction caused by the policies of those in control. How much time have we got? The French will hit the streets for far less than we fat, materially satisfied Americans. How many of us would they/could they process and imprison for a (tax) revolt?

    • Jstevenmedia

      Dave, what a wonderful summation. I love the phrase “nimble-lipped grifters” and your description regarding the changing tenets of our democracy. More importantly the contrast you cited between American and European democracies and the peoples willingness to hit the streets in protest to demand change. The underlying premise here is that in Europe the government is afraid of their people….in America, the people are afraid of their government. It takes an awful lot to get Americans off their assess and to your point, how much time is left. I suspect, the country and the world simply will not survive another four-years of Trump and his criminal swamp culture. The democratic institutions are beginning to fray at the edges and if not too late already, the window to correct climate change is about to close-forever. Many of us are making a difference by raising awareness, advocating, protesting, etc… however the problems demand more than tinkering around at the edges. To your point, these problems require leadership, investments, ideas and mass movements. Unfortunately, Trump and the elected shills who carry his water have come at the worse moment. They’ve manage to distract those who protect this criminal regime with; hate, religion and boorish vulgarianism, while being forced to dig their own graves…..and the rest of us are sounding the alarms to no avail. It feels like dressing a bullet-wound with a band-aid.