An unhinged candidate in a Red Hat





Republicans have not won a presidential election by popular vote in more than six cycles. Most notable was the 2000 election that let George W. Bush loose on the world. In spite of the colossal failures of that disastrous choice Republicans continue to nominate unfit candidates. Most recently a war mongering neocon and his folksy Alaskan side kick. Followed by an elitist plutocrat and his Ayn Rand cheerleader. Once led by men of character on a platform of moderation, the party of Lincoln and Reagan has become a radicalized, barely recognizable mob who mocks the very cornerstones of traditional Republican values. And just when the rest of America thought Republicans couldn’t possibly do any worse, they manage to unleash their latest political debauchery. A shameless reality star who resembles a mix between Archie Bunker, Napoleon, and Hulk Hogan. A candidate that actually believes climate change is a hoax and that Obama is a Muslim.

The problem isn’t so much that Trump wants to build a thousand mile wall to keep out Mexican rapists. He’s not an unfit candidate because he peddles a fraudulent university or that he is a pathological liar with a litany of horrors ranging from conspiracy theories, narcissism and xenophobia to race baiting and misogyny. The problem isn’t even that he is a blithering idiot of epic proportions with philosophies a mile wide and an inch deep. The real problem is that his supporters don’t seem to care about any of this. Republicans have banked their faith on a billionaire who spent his entire life hustling money. A nominee who deals in the currency of fear and profits from the worst in human behavior. Republicans have surrendered to an unhinged guy in a red hat. The only remaining question is what ghastly spectacle they’ll unleash on us next.


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