An American Coup



Trumpublicans attempt to mock climate change, Dr. Fauci, COVID, mask wearing, and even the Sandy Hook massacre should come as no surprise to anyone. This type of clatter from the MAGA crowd often peddles in subversion and fear. They have convinced themselves that mask mandates infringe upon their freedoms, and an insurrection on Jan 6th to overthrow the government, was patriotic. These paranoid misfits cling to the BIG lie fantasy, that Trump somehow won the election.

In case anyone hasn’t’ noticed, this is a party of political arsonists, who subscribe to radical notions that coalesce around anti-government, anti-intellectual, and anti-science extremism. They are united against paying our debts, voting rights, fair taxation, organized labor, universal healthcare and improving infrastructure. This misguided culture subscribes to unrealistic expectations the U.S. can support the world’s highest medical costs and largest military, with tax rates among the lowest in history. These eighty-million Republican voters believe American virtues like taking care of our environment; the poor, the sick and the elderly are part of a global Socialist agenda. They oppose living wages, the right to choose, reasonable gun legislation and alleviating the impacts of climate change.

When we combine a do-nothing Republican congress, with the modern version of the village idiot, the result is a marriage of deceptive tactics and failed policies. The simple fact is, Trumpism is not a deal breaker for Republicans, and what this represents is an historic failure of one of the world’s greatest political parties. Unfortunately, Republicans have become incapable of governing. They’re unwilling to protect our democracy from the nihilism of Trump psychopaths, who forewarn of an impending civil war and who care more about maintaining their own power than helping mankind.


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