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The history of America is the story of a gullible people duped into voting against their own interests, convinced to hate their government and persuaded to sacrifice their democracy for the endless pursuit of wealth. A political coup d’état designed by the corporatocracy and perpetrated by the politicians in their thrall to systematically dismantle the middle-class and privatize the economy. The first rule in any coup is to eliminate the countervailing power, appropriate the media and initiate a campaign of disinformation. Through a masterful slight-of-hand the corporate cartels have managed to curtail labor unions, purge republican moderates from office and transform news organizations from public watchdogs into corporate lapdogs. A scheme that conscripted an easily swayed electorate by peddling false patriotism cloaked within God, guns and democratic values. A strategy that launched a campaign of disinformation to a bunch of working-class stiffs with a limited understanding of government. By relentlessly linking unions, waste, government and social welfare to undeserving minorities and manufacturing false dichotomies of capitalism, socialism and race it exploited the latent fears of an intellectually lazy electorate who demanded easy answers to complex problems. A flawless ruse that denounced crony capitalism while catering to corporate interests. Spreading political and social dysfunction while railing against it and weakening governments ability to regulate and perform essential functions, then blaming government for being weak and ineffective. The consequence of this orchestrated fraud is a willfully ignorant middleclass who, as a result of  scant guidance from the media, have been convinced that sacrificing the democratic ideals designed to protect them from a cabal of footloose corporatists intent on dismantling the middleclass, shredding the social contract and ultimately, privatizing the government is in their best interest. And if all this sounds convoluted and maniacal, that’s because it is.

The nation’s founders warned that property and markets had to be restrained and limited by government and law. Absent these restraints the economic disparity would lead to political inequality, which in turn would lead to government policies that reflected the interests of the few. Overwhelmed by this rising inequality democracy would eventually give way to oligarchy. The corporatocracy will never freely relinquish their destructive hold and they have little to fear except one-thing….the collective vote, and for that reason a tremendous amount of power still resides with the people. However, if America is to once again regain its promise of equality, fairness and shared opportunity then ordinary Americans must acknowledge the deceit and wrestle the nation back from a deplorable hustler who represents the unfettered capitalism of a footloose corporatocracy that worships at the altar of trickle-down economics, corporate welfare, perpetual war and the endless pursuit of wealth. A conspiracy that has looted our treasury, spilled our blood and pilfered our rights for their own personal gain. If we abandon our responsibility and fail to protect our democracy, the future may never forgive us.





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  1. Once again, this gifted writer frames his message in clear, unmistakable sentences. We ignore his words at our own peril!

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