All the Presidents Mess


Despite what the duplicitous republicans would have us believe, the impeachment trial has never been about Trumps unorthodox style, the deep state or a flawed process. It is however, about a pattern of criminal behavior. Actions of a president, who directed his personal attorney to operate a shadow government and use taxpayer money to subvert democracy and steal an election by shaking down a vulnerable foreign country. For the past three years, the public has had a front row seat to a spectacle of chaos, scandal, self-dealing, federal indictments, guilty pleas and prison sentences. A one-man crime spree of lies, deceptions, rolling disclosures and coverups. Nevertheless, in the face of the mounting evidence outlined in the Mueller report, the Schiff report, the FBI Inspector General report and the IC community. Along with the whistleblower account and testimonies from career diplomats, decorated military veterans, and dedicated intelligence officials. The republican congress continues to brush-off the increasing evidence of Trumps crimes. This is a momentous moment in our history. We have a corrupt president, who is attempting to coverup his crimes of obstruction, abuse of power, and self-dealing. He is being protected by a derelict republican congress, who are complicit in stonewalling investigations into these crimes. All of which is being sanctioned by conservative voters, who seem more interested in defending their hypocrisy than fighting for their democracy. The founders intended for the citizens of this great experiment to think and govern for themselves. Therefore, just how we respond to this lawless abhorrence will determine the direction of our democracy for generations to come. If we don’t, history may never forgive us.



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