Governance by Extortion


abstract flagIf your political vision of America includes a culture of corporate welfare, an endless pursuit of wealth, a perpetual state of war and a Wall Street crime syndicate then begin with cutting regulation of the financial markets, slashing federal assistance, minimize white-collar crime, eliminate organized labor and create a system of inequitable taxation. Then convince the American people to hate their government, protect the fiscal interests of the military industrial complex, big oil and concede power to the corportocracy. As a finishing touch derail the economy and fuel an anti-government paranoia would complete the transformation towards this inverted totalitarianism.

An illustration of this governance by extortion is the recent government shutdown engineered by the tea party. An example of an economy controlled by politicians with extremists’ viewpoints aligned with the anonymity of the corporate state claiming to cherish democracy, patriotism and the constitution while manipulating protections and subverting democratic institutions. Aside from the bumper-sticker clichés claiming Obamacare will ruin the country, kill jobs and the cynical references to socialism and death panels the tea party has not provided any evidence, which supports their unarticulated opposition. Matter of fact they denounce any credible domestic economic studies or global comparisons and continue to embrace anti-intellectual, anti-government, one-size-fits-all governance that subscribes to apocalyptic extremisms.

It wasn’t always this way; there was a time when conservatives embraced moderation and pragmatic principals to influence legislation. When we stood for what was right, when we waged war on poverty, not on poor people. When America cured diseases, created the world’s greatest economy and acted like men. Today Americans have lost valuable stalwarts that served our nation for two hundred years. We’ve lost the veil that protected us from robber barons and anarchy, we’ve lost moderation and the trust and respect for our government and a little bit of ourselves along the way.


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