Modern Conservative Governance


GOP hate

Combine a do-nothing Republican congress with the modern version of the village idiot-the tea party and the result is a marriage of deceptive tactics and bad economics. Their anti-American agenda extends to anti-education, anti-unions, anti-banking regulations, anti-climate change, anti-FEMA, EPA and FDA, even anti-post office. Yet they continue clinging to unrealistic expectations the U.S. can support the worlds highest medical costs and largest military with tax rates among the lowest in history.

This low-information body of governance consistently paints a broad stroke against the backdrops of intrusion and the spoils of unionization and moderate governance. A few decades ago, over thirty percent of workers were unionized; today that number is less than 7 percent. Subsequently, the American workforce has become much more economically volatile and vulnerable to arbitrary downsizing, layoffs, higher healthcare costs, longer work hours and salary increases below the rate of inflation. Compound this with their notion taxes are little more than government extortion and that Americans are indentured servants and the result is a bastardization of American democracy and political perversions unheard of only a generation ago. Which begins to explain why our current policies are so upside down. When you have a tax system which most of the exemptions and lowest rates benefit the richest, while middleclass workers are stripped of representation in the name of job creation, all that happens is the rich get richer.

The founding fathers created a system founded on the principals of compromise and deliberation. Of course the irony for the one-hundred tea partiers in the house is their one-dimensional model of compromise that views every government initiative from healthcare to welfare suspect and dismisses accepted economic principals and sustainable governance. This dead-end fringe thinking creates a pattern of sophomoric conclusions based on innuendos, conjecture and conspiracy theories. A paranoia-cloaked sub-culture that justifies looking for tyranny under every rock based on irrational fears of government takeover from a socialist president who was born in Kenya and aspires to be king of America.

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